Friday Morning Men’s Fellowship

Chris White’s IBM Moment started his lifetime mission to lead men to God.
(Source: SaportaReport’s YouTube channel.)

The Crisis

The eroding leadership of American men.

It stares us in the face every day. It is in the news, in our workplaces, in various social settings, and many times, within the family. It is an absence of leadership.. Men in the United States today are lacking the know-how, the accountability, and the heart to lead. God made men to lead, but sadly, too many men are missing the mark.

The Solution

Pointing men back to the leadership model of Jesus Christ.

It begins with fellowship.

Friday Morning Men’s Fellowships

The underpinnings of society are eroding because of the absence of Leadership.

Strong male leaders are meant to be an integral part of God’s structure for peace and prosperity in a nation and a family. Men are living distracted lives, and are failing to give direction in their spheres of influence; yet every man has it within him to lead.

“Give instruction to a wise man, and he will be still wiser; teach a righteous man, and he will increase in learning.” (Proverbs 9:9)

Leadership Ministries is a group of committed people who have come together to challenge, teach, and encourage men on their journey to be effective leaders.

Our primary tool is a Friday morning gathering of men, all of whom have the desire to learn from the greatest leader of all ages, Jesus Christ. Men gather together and hear a brief message on a passage from the Bible. They break up into smaller groups to discuss how to apply the insights to each man’s own journey of faith.

The atmosphere at a Leadership Ministries, Inc. gathering is one of trust, with men giving of themselves to listen first, and then respond with questions that challenge one’s heart and mind to make practical changes in their lives. Thousands of men have benefited.

Join Us for Friday Morning Men’s Fellowship

On The Border Restaurant
1 Buckhead Loop Rd NE #130
Atlanta, GA 30326
send an e-mailMark Maynard
(404) 255-2613
Tin Lizzy’s Cantina
121 Perimeter Center W
Atlanta, GA 30346
send an e-mailDoug Lyle
(404) 290-8829
Grant Park
Grant Park Coffee House
753 Cherokee Ave SE
Atlanta, GA 30315
send an e-mailDaniel DeCriscio
(770) 587-8307
The Cornwell Center
2001 Selwyn Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28207
send an e-mailMike Lenhart
(678) 575-6895
Zoe’s Kitchen
101 Creekside Crossing #1200
Brentwood, TN 37027
send an e-mailTom Eberle
(615) 419-5114


Table Leaders
Jeff Adams Robbie Fisher Bobby Norwood Craig Ummel
Tim Beacham Jim Gray Steve O’Day Chris White
Will Buchly Bradley Gregg Brian Ranck Christopher White
Larry Corbitt Doug Hine Ralph Rowland Colin White
Sean Dacey Matt Kreis Sandy Sanford Brent Willis
Bob Day Mike Lenhart, Location Leader Jeff Shaw Tucker Yates
Alec Dicks Doug Lyle, Location Leader Glen Stapleton Earl Young
Tom Eberle, Location Leader Mark Maynard, Location Leader Jeff Terry Jay Young