The Master Design

The Master Design for human society on this earth comes out of the mind of the chief architect, God Almighty. It is he that has made us, David writes in his Psalms. So, the whole idea, men and women cemented together in marriage as one and developing more men and women for God’s kingdom comes out of the mind of God and he is fiercely jealous of his design. The prophet Malachi tells us that he hates it when that design breaks up. “I hate divorce,” says Malachi in Malachi 2:16. Uniting two very different people together is a lot of work. That is why we need the saving power of Jesus Christ who died and rose again. Nothing institutionally is more strategic than marriage and family life.

Chris White speaks from Matthew 5:31-32.


Every Man’s Battle

God created marriage … and God created sex. God loves sex … but God hates sex outside of marriage. Jesus zeros in on adultery in the Sermon of the Mount. Here’s what He says “you have heard it said that you must not commit adultery, but I say that anyone who even looks at a […] Read more »

Hate Crimes

In the first of six illustrations Jesus uses murder to show us that God looks beyond the human facade and into the heart of man. He sees the intent equal to the act. There, in the heart, is where He judges. (I John 3:15) Additionally, Jesus reminds us that we must deal with our evil […] Read more »

Love of the Game – Malachi 2:1-3

Lee Trevino loved the game of golf. He never lost it. In ancient Israel, the priests who represent the people to God, had lost their “love of the game.” What is the game? To honor the name of God. Read more »

Law and Grace

We are quick to extend law when it favors us and slow to extend grace when it takes sacrifice on our part.  James Halter speaks from Matthew 5:17-20. Read more »

Salt and Light

After Jesus finishes giving us the Beatitudes, which describe the most fortunate people in the world, we His people, He now challenges us to be salt and light. We are here to make a difference … to preserve God’s primary institutions. Marriage and Family. To be “salty” in the market place with integrity. In our […] Read more »